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Health Insurance

We accept most forms of health insurance. Please contact our office to inquiry about your health insurance provider.

Cash & Credit Cards

If you do not have insurance please give us a call and ask us about our non-insurance rates when paying with cash or credit card. Our goal is to provide exceptional care regardless if you have insurance or not, even if you do not want to use your insurance.

Worker Compensation Claims

Worker’s Compensation injuries, under state law, require that the patient incures no out-of-pocket costs for treatment and that the employer or employer’s insurance company must pay for treatment of the injuried worker. Delays in receiveing treatment can affect not only your health, but also possible compensation benefits. Your employer reports to its insurance company (or internal claims office if self-insured), who will report your accident to the Worker’s Compensation Division. We always suggest writing the injury details down on a piece of paper (time, location, witnesses, and that you made your supervisor aware of the injury) and having your supervisor sign the paper. If you believe you did not recieve proper medical care for your work injury, CALL OUR OFFICE IMMEDIATELY and we will help to get you moving forward with the proper treatment and care that you are allowed by state law. As the worker, you have the right to CHOOSE YOUR OWN DOCTOR and not your employer.

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Personal Injury Claims

Our staff at Advanced Care Specialists have been specialize in helping accident and injury victims. We understand the anatomy of whiplash injuries and concussion related brain injuries. Automobile crashes can cause injury to the ligaments, joints, nerves, and blood vessels of the head and neck. Even though you may not be in pain immediately after the accident, these injuries can cause debilitating pain for years afterward. If we find your injuries to be caused by an auto accident or other personal injury related incident we will work with you to find an attorney to get your treatment covered at no upfront expense to you.

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