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Have you been in an accident? Even seemingly small car accidents can cause long-term damage to your neck, spine, and brain as a result of whiplash and blunt force.

Our professionals at Advanced Care Specialists have been specializing in helping accident and injury victims since 2008 and with a combined degree of experience that goes beyond 30 years. We understand the anatomy of whiplash injuries and concussion related brain injuries. Automobile crashes can cause injury to the ligaments, joints, nerves, and blood vessels of the head and neck. Even though you may not be in pain immediately after the accident, these injuries can cause debilitating pain for years afterward.

Some common symptoms after a car accident where you are either hit from “Behind”, most typical injury, or from the side.

  • HEADACHES *(Post-Traumatic)
  • CONCUSSION SYMPTOMS *(Dizziness and balance issues)
  • NECK PAIN *(Head Feels Heavy and Neck Stiff.)
  • LOWER BACK PAIN *(This normally is due to the seat belt)
  • WRIST PAIN *(Often times d/t a hard impact from behind or in front and holding on to steering wheel.)
  • KNEE PAIN *(Right or left Knee gets pushed into the console of the car crushing the Meniscus and/or Knee Cap.)
  • FOOT and ANKLE PAIN *(From your foot being jammed into the floorboard of your car.)
  • CHEST/CLAVICLE PAIN *(This again, from the seat belt or the steering wheel crushing your chest or clavicle)
  • JAW CLICKING *(TMJ type pain from airbag or dashboard impact)

…and much more. We can help all of these types of symptoms and problems.

If you have been in a Car Accident recently, Motorcycle Accident or Slip and Fall, we can help.

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