What is Passive Rehabilitation?

Here at Advanced Care Specialists, we have a few different departments, two of which are labeled as Active and Passive. Active refers to our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation and Passive refers to the room in our facility with the therapeutic modalities. These modalities consist of many different treatments such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, hot/cold therapy, infrared light, cold lasers, kinesiology taping and even paraffin wax. They are commonly used to help patients achieve treatment goals, pain relief, reduced inflammation, and improved circulation.

These therapeutic modalities are combined with injections and rehab to achieve our patient’s goals. The modalities are chosen based what our medical professionals feel would be best suited for each patient.

EMS or electrical stimulation is used for pain control and muscle function. This is completed through 2 or 4 pads creating a connection.

Ultrasound is used for pain control, reducing muscle tension, increasing circulation, and increasing tissue extensibility.

Infrared or cold laser is a treatment that we utilize for pain, decreasing inflammation, and increasing cell growth to improve healing. This is done through our class IV laser or our MLS robotic laser. This is a vital part of our neuropathy program.

Our manual therapy helps to reduce muscle tension that often accompanies pain and injuries. Sometimes topical analgesics may be applied to make treatment more tolerable.

Paraffin helps in cases of arthritis, joint stiffness, and pain. This is applied through hot wax and hardens when it is out of the tub.

Lastly, we utilize kinesiology taping for support but can also aid in the reduction of swelling and pain.

IF you are looking for a multidisciplinary clinic with departments that will work together to achieve your goals, call Advanced Care Specialists today! Passive modalities in conjunction with physical therapy and injections can all aid in your goals towards better health overall.

Austin Oettinger, LAT

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