Let's overcome your pain together!

Let's overcome your pain together!

Let's overcome your pain together!

Individualized. Comprehensive. Innovative.

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At Advanced Care Specialists, we have an innovative approach to healthcare, having multiple medical providers in one place to offer an expansive set of services to treat all different conditions. Our team of doctors and other medical professionals collaborate on every patient to provide comprehensive care.

ACS, located in Racine, Wisconsin, is one of the few practices in the state with multiple medical disciplines under one roof. The caring and expert skilled staff evaluate their patients and provide them with individualized treatment plans. Utilizing our multiple departments – medical, physical therapy, passive rehabilitation, chiropractic, and massage-, the goal is to help those patients reduce pain, improve overall function and return them to a higher quality of life.

Meet Our Patients

This is an unbelievable friendly, very professional, warm, inviting caring place to go to get your health back on track. You are in the best hands one could be in. The staff will go out of their way for anybody to help their patients and make them comfortable. Dr. Kampfer is the #1 doctor one could have. He is phenomenal and very knowledgeable individual. This company NEEDS to be recognized and awarded for all their hard work. Thank you so much for being there for me.

Judi R.

A well Organized Systematic plan for recovery.
Very professional effective on time and result focused— no wasted time.
This facility is a higher level of comprehensive care

Jeff M.

Advanced care specialists is the most welcoming PT environment I have even been in. The amount of people and time they invest into your recovery and overall health will make any person feel important and motivated.

Madison M.

Everyone is very personable, care is personalized and fitted for your goals. One stop shop for skeletal and muscle care! Great set up.

Megan M.

ACS has great Doctors, they are the best at what they do! They make you feel at home there, they are patient and kind and care about each person that walks through the door! They work together to solve some patient issues, there is a doctor there for everyone! All of the staff at ACS are top notch people. If you are having pain do not hesitate to be treated by the staff and doctors at ACS, I promise you you will not be sorry!

Sue S.

Everyone associated with ACS seems to care about your well-being. They listen to your needs and their goal is to resolve all of your aches and pains.
I have been going there for 6 weeks now and am greeted upon my arrival with smiles and hello’s from all.
If you have pain you have been “living” with for some time, give them a call and see what they can do for you. You may even say, “why did I wait so long?” , as I have said.

C O.

I am very thankful for alternative options vs surgery! I had Stem Cell Therapy on my shoulder, recently. No pills, no pain.. no down time! Advanced Care Specialists’s staff are highly skilled in consulting and executing a plan. Everyone that I had the pleasure to work with were very professional, and polite. Highly recommend!

Jackie E.


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What We Offer

Whether it’s joint pain, arthritis, a work or sports injury, at ACS, we have multiple departments to offer you a comprehensive treatment plan to get you feeling better.

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