Can I choose which doctor to see for a work injury?

We hear it all the time, “Can I just see my normal doctor for my Work Injury?” Absolutely! There are many great doctors in the area who can help injured patients. The difference between a normal visit to your doctor and a work comp injury visit is the documentation. The protocols and requirements of validating a work injury is what make seeing a work injury specialist first so important. Having an initial denial on your case, due to improper documentation, can cost you more than you think. 

Initial denials due to seeing a doctor who doesn’t specialize in the paperwork required to open a workman’s’ comp injury case can cause more problems than just frustration. 

More importantly, in the state of Wisconsin there are specific laws that protect the employee in regards to work comp – one of the more important ones being CHOICE OF PRACTITIONER.  This law within the Department of Workforce Development Workers Compensation Act can be found in Chapter 102 subsection .42(2) [102.42 (2)].  The section of the DWD Work Comp Act states that when an employer has been notified of a work injury and its relationship to employment, the employer shall offer to the injured worker his or her choice of any qualified physician.  In the case of emergency the employer may furnish a physician of their choosing – thereafter the employee is able to see up to two physicians of their choice.  Any additional practitioners must be based on mutual agreement and be validated via referral.  This is all very simple despite it seeming complicated.  In short, per Wisconsin Law you as an injured employee have your choice of up to two doctors for treatment of your work injury.  If in the event you require additional practitioners you will simply need a referral to be sent.  

Why is seeing a physician of your choice so important from the start?  

Oftentimes we have noticed that an injured employee seeking some type of urgent care will not have the appropriate paperwork filed and/or have limited diagnostic testing.  It is best to have a qualified physician render appropriate paperwork and diagnosis if in the event you may need extensive care in regards to your work injury. 

We have found it paramount to choose a physician who is familiar with the rules of The Wisconsin DWD Worker’s Compensation Act to ensure you are receiving proper documentation.  If the appropriate steps are taken, your mind will be at ease and you can focus on what is most important – repairing your injury and returning to work without any sort of chronic injury or disability. 

I encourage you to visit our website or contact me at any time if you have specific questions in relation to a work or probable work injury.  

Dr. Kampfer, D.C, T.P.I Certified

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