FRE – Functional Rehabilitation Exam

What is the FRE?

-A whole body examination that includes assessment of posture, body alignment and mechanics, muscle tightness and weakness, functional movement patterns, walking, and balance. We also assess Range of Motion and strength for affected body regions.

What do we do with the FRE?

-This assessment is usually recorded by a Physical Therapy Assistant or our Athletic Trainer. It is then evaluated by our Physical Therapist, medical team, and Chiropractors to figure out what
impairments we need to address in treatment. If you receive Physical Therapy, the PT will go over these results with you. We will repeat this testing in the future to track your progress.

Benefits of receiving an FRE

-Finding where your body’s strengths and weaknesses lie
-Individualized goal setting and interventions based on your specific needs
-Customized treatment plan of care
-Comprehensive with multiple areas of assessment

Why the FRE is beneficial to us at ACS

-All providers have access to in house assessment, no need to send documents to each provider
-Looking at the patient as a WHOLE, not just one specific area
-Helps us figure out the root of the problem, so we can give you the most beneficial therapies
-Ability to track progress and change treatment throughout your plan

Hanna Kearney, DPT

For more information on FRE’s or how you can schedule yours today, give us a call at 262-898-9000 to book your consultation

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