As local courses begin to open up it’s time to polish up your clubs and get your body into shape to maximize distance, accuracy and prevent injury. There are a few things golfers can do to tune up their bodies for the upcoming season:

  1. Mobility: One of the most overlooked aspects of fitness, golf, and life, in general, is mobility. In golf, we use our hips, spine, and shoulders, etc. Most often this lack of mobility is noticed on the first tee. The best way to avoid this well-known feeling is a dynamic warm-up 20 minutes before your round. Generally, a dynamic warm-up should only take 5-10 minutes to lower scores and limiting the chance of injury.
  2. Strength: It has been a thought that strength training alters swing mechanics-out are those days. If you take a look at some of today’s premier players like Brooks Bryson, J.T, Rahm and even Tiger Woods are incorporating daily strength routines to hit the trajectory. Simple workouts can be found on just about any gold website but we can tailor one as well.
  3. Treat your back well: The gold swing is primary a rotational movement if abdominal support is something you as a golfer may lack your lumbar spine may be subjected to injury. A simple visit to your chiropractor may help with preventing lower back injuries. Not only can a chiropractor reduce the risk of injury you may also find the increased ability for added rotation thereby creating a proper swing plane (getting rid of that dreaded slice), increase club speed, ball speed, and distance.
  4. Nutrition: With the Masters coming up, you may notice many players pulling out snacks from their bags mid-round… and I’m not talking about the John Daly double burger, a bag of chips, and a coke. By no means am I undermining the legendary John Daly but today’s high-level players are going for a different approach- banana, water, nuts, etc. Maintaining even-keeled blood sugar and hydration can help with mood, concentration, and energy through all 18 holes.
  5. Assessment: This can fall into a few different categories but the big ones in my mind are instructions and movement screens. It is estimated that only 11% of golfers take lessons from a qualified coach and even less have had a movement screen. If you are one of those golfers mashing 100’s or 1000’s balls into the range it may be because you are practicing improper movements or you may have motion deficits. Finding a qualified instructor is not hard to do with google nowadays.

Here at ACS, we perform a TPI assessment with SFMA movement screens to find any potential anatomical deficits that may be holding you back, from breaking that 80 mark.

To book your appointment, just give us a call at 262-898-9000!

Dr. Kampfer, D.C, T.P.I Certified.

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