Is it Safe to Adjust Kids and Babies?

Many people are surprised when we tell them babies and children can be adjusted! During the birthing process, an infant’s spine can experience physical stress that may interfere with the normal function of their growing spine and tissue/muscle development. This can contribute to health issues such as colic, chronic ear infections, reflux, torticollis, asthma and more. As toddlers and young children become more active, they experience frequent falls and tumbles. Later, heavy backpacks and sports injuries add to the list of spinal stressors.  Chiropractors, parents, and other practitioners agree that children benefit from regular adjustments just as much as they benefit from regular physical activity.  

Regular chiropractic care throughout childhood and adolescence can help to ensure that your children achieve their best health, growth and development. Here at Advanced Care Specialists, we are able to give your child an adjustment! If you have any questions on if your child should get an adjustment, feel free to give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help! We’re located in Racine, Wisconsin so if you would like to bring your child in for an adjustment, feel free to schedule an appointment!

Dr. Susan Reinke, DC


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